As directed by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology vide its notification on 25th Feb 2021, it is incumbent on every publishing entity in the business of publication or aggregation of content in print, electronic and digital form to be part of or associate itself with a self-regulating body. This self-regulating body will work towards adherence of code of ethics by its members and speedy resolution of grievances.

It is our immense pleasure to announce the constitution of PADMA – Print And Digital Media Associationwhich will work towards:

  • ⦁ Help its members fulfill the objectives laid down in the MEIT’s notification.
  • ⦁ To promote, aid, help, encourage, develop, protect and secure the interests of members in the media industry.
  • ⦁ To promote awareness about the latest development in the media industry and to disseminate the knowledge among its members and general public regarding such developments
  • ⦁ To provide for the members a place of meeting so as to enable them to work in consensus to achieve common goals for the overall betterment of the industry and to have a common platform/forum at which they may air their grievances and arrive at solutions
  • ⦁ To promote the growth of friendly relations amongst the members engaged in the production and circulation of news and especially to encourage co-operation among the members so as to maximize mutual benefits
  • ⦁ To protect all its members from persons/entities which carry on unfair and/or unethical practices or who discredit the media industry
  • ⦁ To provide support, training and necessary guidelines on the code of ethics and resolution of issues related to the media industry.